SER (Sociale & Environmental Responsabilities) Undertook by Novaem

The europeen commission defined in 2011 corporate social responsibility (CSR) as " corporate responsibility for the effects it has on society ".

The Responsability Society (or Social) of Enterprise is a " concept in which companies integrate social, environmental and economic concerns in their activities and in their interactions with their stakeholders on a voluntary basis".

Environmental undertakes :

  • Partnership with INRA to optimize nitrogen absorption by the plant
  • Partnership with a research unit to find a urease inhibitor to limit the release of atmospheric ammonia
  • Using aluminum pods for coffee instead of coffee beans purchased from an Eco-responsible supplier
  • Purchase of refurbished phones
  • Use of LEDs in farm buildings
  • Purchase of mugs for all employees to avoid the use of plastic

Socials undertakes : 

  • An osteopath works on all staff every 6 months
  • Business seminars (end-of-year meal, sports team building, etc.)
  • Individual and sanitary showers available
  • Fitness room available to employees
  • Individual offices for the comfort of administrative employees
  • Kitchen fitted out for the well-being of employees
  • We preferentially select local companies for our needs in works, transport,…
  • Management committee bringing some of the employees together.